Thierry Lerallu

Le Cordon Bleu

Chef Thierry was born in France, Normandy. He always had a passion for bakery and patisserie and a talent in the Art of Pastry. He started his apprenticeship as a baker, Patissier, chocolatier and confiseurin Normandy well-known for the fresh cream, milk product, cheese and apple. In 2003 he joined Constance hotel and Constance Academy and Mauritius IVTB in Mauritius whereby he had shared his professional knowledge with young Mauritian apprentices where he trains via an intensive Pâtisserie programme. He had also adapt all its techniques for high-flying fun at workshops conducted with Mini-chefs, and guests of the hotel.

His skills with baking, sugar and chocolate art had brought him much recognition in the yearly Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival in Mauritius and they depended heavily on his talent for beautiful creations and desserts which made such a distinction and were highly regarded and appreciated by both participants and renowned guests.

With his numerous years in the industry starting in France and eventually all over the world, his appointment as Head of Pastry Chef at the Sunway Le Cordon Bleu will indeed bring the patisserie programme to great heights in Malaysia and South East Asia.


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