Stefania Vigone


Like a true Italian she is, Stefania Vigone simply has it in her blood when it comes to food. Growing up, she learned not only how to cook, but also to appreciate good food. All thanks to her close relation with her mother, Mamma Rosy - who taught her the principles, integrity and flavors behind great Italian dishes. Her family has a long history of cooking, with many recipes passed down throughout generations.

Wanting to be known as a home-cook rather than a chef, Stefania brings home-cooking that is so close and dear to her and shares them through the Italian bar & restaurant, Pippo. Housed in a venue with a touch of modernity, Pippo urges patrons to let flavors speak for themselves as they sit back overlooking the kitchen, watching the cooks in action, amidst the chatter, gestures and convivial ambience.

With Pippo emerged, Stefania has elevated hearty Italian cuisines to a loftier height, proving Italians and their flairs in creating good food is definitely no surprise.

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