Pius Ebang


“I create cocktails from what my eyes enjoy,” Pius H Ebang.

He had no idea that he would be mixing drinks or (possibly) making someone’s night. He also never dreamt of working in a bar. One thing for sure, making people feel good and having a good time are things that spell “happiness” for him.

He flew in over a decade ago to the Big Durian from Flores to take a further education in hospitality. Worked in several hotels including the some infamous 5-star hotels in Bali, he finally found his home with Potato Head Family. There is something about Jakarta that makes him stay. It is the vivacity, the face paced lifestyle and the clashes of cultures all of which the recipe to cure his boredom.

His travels and work experiences took him to learn and appreciate rare spices and flavours and eventually incorporate those into drinks. He falls for Indonesian recipes, but instead of working in the kitchen, he enjoys to crafting cocktails and interact with people from his little “corner”. One would find his drinks unusual as he uses a hint (or two) Indo spices and thats makes Kaum to be the perfect place for him to explore this passion.

Sipping his drinks would tickle your taste buds. Try Kecombrang Martini that can be enjoyed as a munch. It is being served with Emping (Indonesian crackers made of melinjo nuts) with a kick of kecombrang scent that you normally taste on a sambal matah—makes it taste fresh and spicy. Take a little trip to Indonesian’s oriental side with a glass A-put-boi.

It is made of Indonesian fermented wine and manisan kiamboi (Chinese dried prune) that make it a salty sweet palate journey. Get ready for a journey to Archipelago’s rare ingredients in a glass or challenge him to create something personal for you!

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