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Born in South Korea, Chef Justin Lee started his culinary career in 2003. After working in Korea, he decided to leave to experience life overseas. Therefore, Chef Justin decided to move to Brisbane, Australia, and worked at Il Centro. In 2012, he then moved to Auckland, New Zealand, working at Clooney, which is rated "3 Hats" by Cuisine Magazine's "Cuisine Good Food Awards". It was then that a different path was destined for Justin. When the restaurant was in need of someone to man the pastry kitchen, the head chef, Des Harris, assigned Justin for this role. It was then that Justin fell in love with the world of pastry. This passion for pastry culminated in 2015, when he entered, "To be Antonio Bachour" a competition by the world-renowned Antonio Bachour. Although Chef Justin entered the competition for his own pleasure and did not expect to win anything, he ultimately walked away winning 1st place. After a quick stint at the Park Hyatt Busan, he returned back to New Zealand to work for Brian Campbell at Miann, renowned for their creative takes on many types of pastries.

Now, Justin has returned back to Korea, setting up his own new concept, "JL Dessert Bar" in Seoul. Using the finest chocolates and seasonal local ingredients, the concept of JL Dessert bar incorporates refined plated desserts, macarons, petit gateaux, with a wide array of drinks to pair. He is collaborated with sunglass brand "CARIN" to set up for "CARIN Hongdae Lounge" dessert cafe at Hongdae area in Seoul. Recently, Chef Justin became representative Asia Pacific guest chef of SOSA ingredients and VALRHONA Chocolate.


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