Jethro Vincent

Bikini Restaurant

New Zealand born, Jethro Vincent is the culinary genius behind the 8 degree stable of brands. Jethro was first inspired by founder Adam Mcasey to make the move to Bali to open Sisterfields 5 years ago, which then paved the way for BO$$ MAN and Bikini. Before 8 degrees, he worked under world-class chefs in New Zealand, where Jethro treated highly demanding guest to unique five-course tasting menus using only the finest, locally-grown ingredients. Jethro is an avid believer of using ethically-sourced local ingredients, and can often be found collaborating with some of Bali’s best restaurant as a Guest Chef Originally from New Zealand, Jethro Vincent has found himself on the island of Bali for the last 5 years as the Creative Culinary Director for 8 Degree Projectsin Seminyak. Jethro oversees the menu direction for the famous Australian style brunch cafe Sisterfields, the badass burger joint BO$$ MAN, hole-in-wall Sibling Espresso, and Bikini - the modern share-plate dining venue where serious food is celebrated in a not so serious way.

Jethro started his professional career in the kitchen at the age of 16. It wasn’t until later that he realized cooking was more than just a job but instead a passion he thought about every day. Since those early years Jethro has worked extensively as a Head Chef in both New Zealand and then London, advancing his skills and exploring his passion for different cuisines. Jethro really honed his skills while working under world-class Chef James Stapley at New Zealand’s Whare Kea Lodge. It was there that Jethro managed demanding expectations to create daily five-course degustation menus using the finest, locally grown New Zealand ingredients.

Jethro describes his style of cooking as light and clean, with a big focus on texture and balance. “I like to create food that’s exciting but to the point where it’s still food. I always want the essence of the food to remain on the plate. This is the common factor across all our brands, we stay true to the ingredient, and where possible using the ethos of ‘made from scratch’.” Jethro is quite humble in his approach, “I’m not trying to change the world with my food, but if I can change someone’s day for the better, then I’m succeeding.”


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