Bjorn Shen

Artichoke & Duck Down Pizza Party

Bjorn Shen is an award-winning Singapore based chef, owner of flagship restaurant Artichoke, and resident judge of MasterChef Singapore. Slinging around a devil-may-care attitude seldom seen in Singapore’s restaurant scene, Bjorn is not your candy-coated, play-it-safe kind of guy. He openly confesses to having a rebellious streak; and this brazenness is exactly what makes his style so distinct. Dudestronomy is what Bjorn coins his style of cooking, that is elevating low-brow, comfort foods combining creativity, skill and good ingredients. This made him a local pioneer of “dude-food”, using tradition as a platform for what can sometimes be seen as reckless creativity.

Both Bjorn's local and international achievements had brought him far as his first endeavor to Jakarta's bar and nightlife scene with Duck Down Pizza Party considered a success attempt, bringing the first ever charcoal grilled pizza in the country to denizens of Jakarta. With Duck Down Pizza Party menu, Bjorn sets up the flame for another-level taste that is high flavoured with unique, smoky aroma and out-of-ordinary toppings. With the outlet’s growing popularity—rock ’n’ roll, cold drinks, good time—Bjorn’s pizza menu continues to touch hearts and souls, especially for patrons looking for a new, fun taste to pair with cold beers.

Outside of the kitchen, Bjorn is also an adjunct lecturer at the Culinary Institute of America in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific chef ambassador for United Nations project “Recipes for Change” and resident chef columnist for Time Out Singapore. Bjorn is also the author of popular cookbook “Artichoke – Recipes and Stories from Singapore’s Most Rebellious Kitchen”. Bjorn's other career achievements include representing the Singapore Tourism Board at overseas events, and being named Chef of the Year in 2013 by SC Global.


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