Guilty Free with Gluten Free Doughnuts by Dough Darlings

with Karin Binanto
Dessert & Pastry
Unlike classic donuts, these French cruller doughnuts are made with a gluten free and dairy free. You will love the extra light and airy feel of these delicious donuts! The fact that the dough for these French cruller donuts just requires gluten free flour and soy milk, makes this really simple to whip up. By using a pastry bag and star tip to pipe the dough out into rings gives the donuts that fluted appearance. Just a note, because the pastry dough can directly drop the dough into the oil, and after a few seconds, grab onto the edge and pull it out. The French Cruller Doughnuts probably is one of the easiest donuts to make, no yeast involved, just a few ingredients and you can have donuts ready in 30 minutes!
What will you be learning?
How to make GUILTY FREE, GLUTEN FREE doughnuts!
Saturday, 03 November 2018
16:00 - 16:30
Dessert & Coffee Stage, Fork Tent
What to bring
  • Enthusiasm & passion for learning
  • A plastic container to take the food home. Let's go green!
IDR 150.000
  • Ingredients, utensils, equipment
  • 1 box of 3 doughnuts - French Cruller Doughnuts (Chocolate, Ice Sugar, Glazed)
Terms & Conditions
  • All participants must be over the age of 10 years
  • Reference material are provided to help participants and are issued for personal use only
  • The sharing of cooking class material is strictly prohibited without the permission of Dough Darlings.
  • We are unable to tailor our course content for special dietary requirements.
  • Please let us know if you have any food allergies, allergies are theresponsibility of the Individual customer and not of Dough Darlings.

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