How To Get The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies by Sugabox

with Leah Dinar & Ruth Wowor
Dessert & Pastry
Calling all the sweet-tooths! Fill your day with a handful of learning at Sugabox Baking Workshop! Here, Leah Dinar & Ruth Wowor, Co-Founders of Sugabox will teach you on how to create different types of cookies and understanding different baking methods. Get ready to be the next Chocolate Chip Cookie connosieur!
What will you be learning?
How to create different types of cookies and understanding different baking methods
Thursday, 01 November 2018
16:30 - 18:30
Masterclass, Fork Tent (Across South Lobby Senayan City)
What to bring
  • Enthusiasm and passion for learning!
  • A plastic container to take home the food. Let?s go green!
IDR 300.000 (for 2 pax)
  • Recipe
  • Ingredients & utensils for cooking
  • Q&A session with the speaker
  • Masterclass certificate
  • Apron for each participant
Terms & Conditions
  • Price is for 2 pax (1 station)
  • Participants should be age above 16y/o
About The Mentor
Leah and Ruth are passionate home cooks who share the same love for sweets. Both came from backgrounds that are not related to the world of culinary. Leah was a Kindergarden teacher and Ruth was a content editor focusing in the creative industry. What started off as hobbies and family tradition, grew into becoming a small but growing family business. Fresh baked sweets are always a staple in their homes, there's never a day without it. Their aim is to share that same warm and heartfelt routine from their kitchen to yours.

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