Arijit Bose

Bar Back Collective Consultancy
  • Bose just got back to India from a nice and action packed stint in singapore as the Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for Monkey 47, travelling and spreading the good word of new wave gins. Which was a great follow up to being the Head Bartender and 'Man of The House' at the famous 28 Hong Kong street which jumped to number 7 from the number 10 position during his time as part of the team that ran the joint as recognised in the '50 best bars of the world'. He is currently developing his own rum brand based in Amsterdam. Screen reader support enabled.


Rum: The Fantastic Journey
with Arijit Bose, Bar-Back Collective Consultants
19:00 - 21:00

Be guided through the know-how of everything mixology! From the background, preparation to the concepts of cocktail-making, Arijit Bose of Bar-Back Collective Consultants will take you to an in-depth look of the world of mixology at JCF 2018, focusing on rum-based drinks.

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