Manjunath Mural

The Song of India
  • Chef Manjunath Mural is the first Indian Executive chef to score a Michelin star for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia. As Executive Chef of Song of India, a modern Indian restaurant that features regional flavours across India, he was recognized for his decades of hard work in 2016 when the restaurant was awarded one Michelin star in Singapore. This award also fulfills Chef Mural's lifelong dream and vision to present Indian cuisine at its pinnacle on an international level, where it can be understood, accepted and respected on the same platform as haute French cuisine. Locavore Ray Adriansyah was born in Jakarta to Sumatran parents. His mother was an excellent cook and Ray grew up with a deep interest in traditional and international cuisines. While studying in New Zealand, he decided to quit the business school he was attending and switch to cooking. After graduating from culinary school in Christchurch he returned to Jakarta and obtained the position of Sous Chef under Eelke. They've been working together ever since. Eelke Plasmeijer started his kitchen career at the age of 14 in a restaurant in his Dutch village. Working his way up through the ranks, he trained at hotel school and a Michelin Two Star restaurant in Amsterdam. Visiting a mentor in Jakarta in 2008, he was persuaded to take over as Head Chef at a city restaurant there. Ray applied as Sous chef, the two hit it off and soon moved to Bali where they ended up running the kitchen at the Alila Ubud together. Restaurant Manager Adi Karmayasa was born in Bedulu village near Ubud. After graduating from tourist school in Denpasar he joined Alila Ubud for job training and was offered a position in 2004. Since then he has worked his way up to manage the hotel's Plantation Restaurant. He worked for 3 ½ years with Eelke and Ray and was invited to join the team when Locavore was conceived.


Michelin Magic with the Michelin-Starred Chef
with Rishi Naleendra & Manjunath Mural
17:15 - 18:15

The Michelin Guide is arguably the most prestigious rating system in the realm of culinary. For a long time now, the guide has contributed to the success of chefs and restaurants arond the world. Thus, what does it take to earn a Michelin star for a restaurant? How do a Michelin-starred restaurant maintain its quality? Michelin-starred chefs Rishi Naleendra & Manjunath Mural will discuss the topic and give you a better idea on how to work the magic to qualify.
Cooking Demo
by Manjunath Mural
17:45 - 18:45

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