Novia R. Soewitomo

Celebrity Chef
  • Although what she had was a background in Economics, Novia Soewitomo was not hesitant about her passion in culinary. This determination drove her to pursue a career in the industry. In 2003, she decided to quit her job and expand her knowledge in culinary by assisting her mother in work. When being a backstage person for her mother, she grasped a lot of learnings about cooking, especially the techniques and recipes. Her ability to create and process a dish is obtained by self-taught, without any formal education. Her biggest ambition is to bring Gerakan Kenal Masakan Indonesia into reality as soon as possible, through which she aims to introduce the variety and uniqueness of Indonesian cuisine to young Indonesians, so that they will develop passion and pride in the cuisine.


Resep Nusantara
with Bu Sisca Soewitomo & Novi Soewitomo
16:00 - 18:00

Indonesia is widely-known as a foodie's heaven. Full of rich flavors and fresh spices, Indonesian food is a cuisine worth exploring. At Resep Nusantara, Bu Sisca Soewitomo, together with her daughter Novi Soewitomo, will share a few recipes of Indonesia's culinary gems, and of course secrets on how to create dashing flavors of Indonesian cuisine!

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