Rui Yamagishi

Musubi Bali
  • Le Cordon Bleu Sydney graduate and years of experience in culinary, Rui Yamagishi is a Japanese-Bali born who has successfully marked his name in few renowned restaurants in Australia; Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Blancharu, Rockpool Bar & Grill, and Eleven Bridge formerly Rockpool 1989. Recently arrived in Bali, Musubi will be the first place where Rui is able to truly explore his passion and creativity. All menus in Musubi come straight from his mind, emphasizing the highlight of freshness and flavor of Japanese cooking influence with French cooking method. He passionately creates innovative menu using lots of different ingredients to accentuate the umami flavor – five elements of richness, fullness, and complexity sense of taste.


Bali to Jakarta, Musubi's Special
with Rui Yamagishi
12:00 - 13:30

When you think of countries with top-notch gastronomic delights, you would think of Japan and France. Rui Yamagishi is Japanese-Bali born chef who is widely known for his Japanese cuisine cooked with French methods, producing unique, refreshing dishes that accentuate the umami flavor. At Jakarta Culinary Feastival this year, he will deliver full-on experiences at his Chef's Table session by serving up a special 4-course meal.

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